Real Time Mobile Usage And Revenue Generated From Mobile Traffic (Infographic)

When it comes to any sort of advertising, the obvious desire is to see a quick, as well as lucrative, return on your initial investment. The problem comes out when you start to look at all your options and try to find out the best way to tackle your advertising issue, without giving yourself too much of a headache. But infographics might be the answer you’re looking for. For instance, Uber, the indie taxi company, books about 83,333 rides an hour. A far cry above the 25,200 boasted by Grabtaxi. So if you wanted to put advertising in a car, Uber would be the obvious choice over Grabtaxi.
Or maybe advertising on the Starbucks app. They service 6 million customers a month. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your ad in front of 6 million users every month? Even taking it a step lower, to a food delivery company called FoodPanda would still put your ad in front of 1 million people per month. Even something as simple as email marketing still has tremendous upside. Over 1 trillion emails, 1,761,000,000 to be closer, are opened on mobile devices every month. It’s a staggering amount of views. Imagine capturing even 1% of that market with your ad? Conversely, over 553 million SMS messages are sent per month. Even now, companies have started targeting sales and incentives to existing customers, requiring no more than some computer software and a database of customer phone numbers.
The potential to target your advertising to a buying market is very high if you understand your market. For example, in one month, Samsung will sell around 26 million smartphones, compared to Apple’s 19 million. So it would make sense to display ads more on Samsung devices than Apple, as you have a built-in cushion of 7 million potential customers. The difference in market share becomes even more evident when you compare Samsung to the 3rd place monthly sales holder: Huawei, with 9 million.
However, without being able to quickly and easily track where people are spending their time on the internet, and which apps they are using, you’re not much better off than when you started. You’d be no better served Googling the information, because, in such a high-speed environment like the internet, that information changes every second. Fortunately, Coupon Machine has built a real-time mobile data statistics traffic tracker. This Real Time Mobile Usage Infographic is a great idea, allowing you to see, at a glance, just where people are going on the internet.