Post Planner: How Do You Use PostPlanner To Leverage Social Media?

As a social media marketer, I felt that PostPlanner had been taking the backseat for some time now. At times, I really wonder what’s happening in the company itself. Overall, it looks like they are in need of customers — and this is proven with all the promotions they are doing, it certainly looks like they are losing a lot of traction.
But that’s not the case today. I had a PostPlanner account that I signed up for a yearly plan. And I forgot about it!
I was planning for my next phase of social media marketing and PostPlanner came to my mind.
For starters, I have no plan to use Meet Edgar because of the hefty price tag (even though I have to admit that it has pretty awesome feature).
So, how do you use PostPlanner to leverage social media?

How Do You Use PostPlanner To Leverage Social Media?


1. PostPlanner is for engagement

The concept of PostPlanner is very simple. You share something on Facebook and Twitter which will ignite engagement.
So, how does this works for me?
I’ve been literally very quite on both Facebook and Twitter for over 9 months (because my wife is pregnant and I want to spend time with the family). My followers either think I’m dead, I quit my online work and maybe I have moved on with life.
I tried to go back to Facebook and said, “HELLO” just to be greeted by a dozen of others. Where are the thousands of them?

Bear in mind that I have like over 19,000 followers on Twitter, 20,000+ on Google+ and a few thousand on Facebook.

Felt like an epic fail, right? It certainly is and it is by far very demotivating.
What I did was very simple. As a matter of fact, textbook style of social media marketing. I use PostPlanner to build engagement.

2. Planning my ‘move’ using PostPlanner

I started planning my move by scheduling my post times. Basically, I created different scheduling time for each social media platform I have.
Here’s an example of my Facebook page:
As you can see, the timing I set is based on my timezone, and I run through a list of people who have been following my page for some time. Understanding their ‘awake’ time is vital as you want to share content only when they are awake.
PostPlanner makes it really simple for social media marketers because there are only three options to choose from:

  • Sharing images
  • Sharing links
  • Sharing quotes or questions (PostPlanner calls it statuses)

You can mix and match in any way you want and you are free to add as many schedules you wish.
Continue to setup accordingly to all your social media accounts (or until you run out of quota).
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3. Choosing the right post to share

Now that you have planned your strategy, the next step is to choose the right post to share on social media.
Here’s where the fun part is. By default, PostPlanner comes with several predefined segments as seen below:
On the left side, you have the option to select options such as quotes, engaging and interesting, among the rest. Each of these options will lead to different photos, statuses and links.
Now, here’s where PostPlanner really excels.
Did you notice the stars rating below each image above? These stars represent the virality of the image. The more stars there are, the higher chance the images will be shared on social media.
So, what happens when you choose those images and queue them in your social media schedule?
You will get tons of engagement and indirectly being more visible on social media.

4. What do to next?

PostPlanner will keep you posted (via email) on your statistics on a weekly basis. Sadly, there are no inbuilt stats feature to view ad-hoc.
While you are planning your posts on PostPlanner, you should also note that there is a ‘recycle’ button which you can enable.
When you enable it, your PostPlanner account will never be empty. As a matter of fact, it will help you to be visible and of course, ensuring that you will never run out of social posts.

5. BONUS! Integration with Canva

Social engagement.
You know that images go a long way to get people to talk about it, right?
PostPlanner allows you to grab photos you have created on Canva to be posted using PostPlanner. This is awesome since you don’t really have to download and reupload the image from one platform to another.
If you aim to have better engagement, using Canva and PostPlanner together could lead to very powerful effect (and highly effective as well).

6. Marketing with PostPlanner tips

Make no mistake as PostPlanner is very simple and highly effective when it comes to social media marketing (and going viral). However, PostPlanner has its downside too.
For starters, you should not consider PostPlanner as the ONLY social media tool you need to strive in this world. I use Buffer and Hootsuite along the way to further enhance my marketing.
Apart from that, PostPlanner can really drive the engagement up but it is still your responsibilities to reply to comments and likes.
In most cases, that is going to drive you nuts (especially when you have limited time). Nonetheless, you must still spend some time to reply those messages. Don’t forget that your followers appreciate it when you take the time to reply to them.

Summary – Using PostPlanner for social media marketing

PostPlanner is an awesome social media automation tool when you compared to all the tools out there. It saves you a lot of time as well as money. Even social media influencers such as Rebekah Radice and Kim Garst use PostPlanner on a daily basis.
While PostPlanner is a highly effective tool, there are still many developments needed especially when it comes to comparing head-on with other social media tools. At this point of writing, PostPlanner is very focused on Facebook and Twitter marketing, while their ultimate goals are to boost engagement and virality.
Therefore, PostPlanner is a great option if you want to save money in social media marketing (avoid using paid ads on social media).
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