Why Should You Obtain PMI PMP Certification?

When it comes to the IT professionals, the PMI PMP certification has incredible value. The managers related to the projects are given the utmost control over the management and the decisions that the team has to follow. Now, people understand the importance of project management in the IT field that adds to its popularity.
Popular by PMI PMP, the Project Management Professional certification is a widely recognized course for the project managers. The credential is recognized on global standards, which make it eligible in any country. The certification holder comes with the vitality to apply the methods in any country or area while working. The main focus of the PMP credential is on leading, directing, and managing the projects and the team working on it.
There are some major reasons why you should attain the PMI PMP certification. Firstly, the certificate is globally acknowledged and its holder comes with the freedom to work anywhere. It gives a good hike to the salary of the individuals with complete control and management. The certification allows you to expand your reach over the market and scope increases to obtain a new level. The PMP certificate holder gets a number of amazing job opportunities with desired packages.


Why Should You Obtain PMI PMP Certification?

The PMI PMP credential is a crucial certification, which requires both dedicated knowledge and proper tactics that help in clearing the examination. Here are some tips that will help in becoming a certified specialist.

  • Read the handbook properly 

The Institute of PMI provides a handbook that includes each and every detail about the course, the chapters, examinations, etc. The book also includes the process of becoming the certificate holder. Hence, take some spare time and go through the handbook well before beginning.

  • Check your eligibility status  

PMI PMP is a professional-level certification thus it requires some eligibility too. Along with diploma and other required degrees, you also need to check whether the degrees are recognized globally. The course also requires nearly 5 years of experience in project management on the professional level and training as well.

  • Become the member of PMI

Yes, becoming the member of PMI is also important to become a certificate holder. Also, becoming a member will provide you with financial benefits as the member gets a good amount of discount on various books and PDFs. Sometimes, it is also possible that the discount amount is much higher than the membership fees you would pay. Hence, get yourself registered among the members of PMI PMP and prepare your list of benefits in the very first year.

  • Study material and guide  

The PMI PMP certification course comes up with a good number of books, PDFs, video CDs, and other learning materials that will help in clearing the examination with ease. Make a point to go through the material and the guide well. The manual also comes with paper sets that help in preparing for the examination with difficulty level no bar. Making a proper schedule to learn and prepare for the exam and the certification will surely bring success.

Tips for passing the PMI PMP examination

No doubt, the PMP examination holds a vital role in the success of the individual. Here are some tips that work effectively for clearing the certification exam.

  • Start preparing for the examination from a day you receive the modules and other reading materials.
  • Make a note of the essential formulas and concepts that are widely included in the FAQ columns.
  • Don’t forget to refer the flowchart of the process that is provided by the institutes and training centers.
  • Build a habit of solving at least two question papers daily for getting the best idea about the paper in the examination and the type of questions as well.
  • Keep in touch with other individuals preparing for the PMP PMI examination with the help of social media sites and forums for getting the best ideas about the study material to follow.
  • Provide equal time to learning and relaxing, as only hard work may result in lack of concentration and failure.


Training courses for PMI PMP examination

  • Full series of Essentials of Project Management
  • Talent Triangle Bundle
  • 9 course series of The Complete Agile Project Manager
  • Project Management Team Leadership
  • Prepaway PMP Exam Questions & Answers


Books for PMI PMP examination

  • PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition by PMP
  • PMP Exam Prep – 8th Edition by Rita Mulcahy
  • All in one PMP Exam Kit by the Velociteach
  • PMP Project Management Professional Exam by McGraw Hills


Top Resources for PMI PMP certification

  • Oliver Lehmann: This resource is well designed to make the toughest course much playful to learn and easy to clear. While learning if you are able to provide with half of the total questions right, you are sure to crack the exam.
  • PreparePM: One more useful resource, which provides mock exams and detailed answers that help you in learning well and based on conceptual grounds for complete focus on the course and certification.
  • Exam Central: Do you want a definite resource to clear the examination with desired numbers? The Exam Central course will surely help you with it. With a wide range of question sets, the task of clearing the PMP examination becomes easier.

Are you interested in project management? Then, the PMI PMP certification course will definitely help you out in getting the desired position in the IT field. No doubt, the course is little tough to clear, but getting the correct material for studies will lead you to the great results.
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