New Parental Control for TikTok

The latest phenomenon in what social media is concerned is TikTok and most MarComm people know it. The social network has gained traction especially among kids and teenagers and this attracted a series of scandals throughout the years.

New Parental Control for TikTok

This is why they are finally introducing new parental control for TikTok app. Called Family Safety Mode, this is created for parents to set limits on their children’s time spent on the app. 

A second feature of the safety mode is the limited direct messages; the third one is the restricted mode that will limit any inappropriate content. 

Whoever wants to enable the Family Safety Mode has to create an account of their own that will be linked to the teenager’s one. Once everything is enabled, all the three features mentioned above will be effective. 

Those restrictions and limitations are available for a long time now in the app, but it was every user’s choice if they selected them or not. But now, as they are available for parents or tutors as well, they give more responsibility to teen users as well. As they can’t change settings without the elder ones being notified.

The first country to have the new parental control for TikTok is the UK and in the following weeks, they will also be available all over the world, but the particular order in which it will appear is not disclosed by TikTok representatives. They have chosen UK to be the first country to release them because they had an investigation going on there concerning GDPR and the data that children were sharing with the app. 

Another step that they have made in order to bring safety to their network is a partnership with different creators that would record videos in which they encourage viewers to take a break from the phone and live the real life. 

What’s your take on this? Do you think TikTok will be a safer place for teenagers from now on?

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