Online copywriting: the science of the words


Marketers are still talking about the perfect type of content for: Facebook brand pages, Twitter, Pinterest or blogs. For Facebook page admins, it is very important to know what type of content to use, in order to make users  share their posts.

Online copywriting seams easy, but it is not, especially when we are thinking how much information is being shared on internet in just one minute.  But let’s take is step by step:


1. Blogs  

On blogs, the most engaging headlines contain several words that users may find interesting, such as: smart, science, history or surprising. Blog post should engage people on the emotional level, and bloggers should take advantage of this strategy. People are always in the hurry and they don’t have so much time to read 2-3 pages. But if you are able to write engaging content and emotional stories, readers will come to you over and over again. It is ok to be funny, but don’t forget to maintaing your readers:

 – try to surprise by using smart content and creating connections between topics.


2. Facebook

 Our dear 10 years old social media platform is getting more and more visual, but we don’t have to forget about the text content either. Facebook page admins should use to a good mix between text, photo and video content, to maintain fans attention all the time. Keep up with the good work and be:

 – inspirational, amazing with a good sense of amusement. 


3. Twitter

 On the other hand, Twitter is not that visual as Facebook, but you can use a word science strategy to make your tweets shareble. Twitter fans are more into sensational type of content. So, make your tweets shareable, by being:

 – concise, by using a good #hashtag strategy and be great. 


4. Pinterest

 This photo-sharing social media platform is al about using powerful visual content in order to get engaged with your followers. Create photo contest and engage people to share pictures related to your brand and don’t forget to be:

 – emotional. 

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