New Social Network on the Market: WT Social

We hear more and more often how social media is bad for us and how it turned from being a new means of keeping in contact with our beloved ones to a place where fake news is spread and the lack of confidence in each other seems to fade away. 

This is why Wikipedia’s co-founder, Jimmy Wales, has decided to create a new social media network called WT:Social. 

What’s the deal with WT Social?

The new social network, WikiTribune Social or WT:Social, is a place where news from all over the world gather and it promises to be ad-free. And they also promise that your data is protected and will never be sold to third parties or anyone. 

Then what’s the business model you might ask?

In order to survive and go on with their plans, they made WT:Social a subscription-based network, where people will have to pay to have access to it. They bet on donor’s generosity, who will have to pay 12 Euros/month or 90 Euros/ year. But this is not compulsory. 

As for now, there are 200k users already registered and using the platform and more than 100k people in the queue, waiting to join the others. But if you would like to be part of it without waiting for your turn, you can become a subscribed member, pay the fee and you are in. 

A plus that comes with this social network is the fact that any user can edit headlines that might seem misleading, as well as flag them as fake news or other problematic issues and the content will be taken down from the platform. The same will happen to the users that spread misleading information: they will be banned from the social network. 

What’s your take on the new social network? Will you use it?

Do you think that being an ad-free platform will start eradicating the fake news and engagement will be as powerful as for the other existing social networks?

Make a new account on WT:Social here!