Why the New Facebook Slingshot App Is the Best Way To Connect

facebook slingshot app

Slingshot is a new app from Facebook that lets you send photos to your friends instantly, with fast conversations through pictures that disappear from your friend’s phone once they have seen it. This is sharing with a twist, as your friends can’t see what you have sent until they have sent something back!

Why the New Facebook Slingshot App Is the Best Way To Connect

This new Facebook Slingshot app could not be easier to use – you don’t need a Facebook account to join in, simply download the free app and sign up with your phone number. Once you have added friends from your contact list or Facebook friends, it’s time to start creating and connecting!
Take a photo or even a video of whatever you’re up to, then get creative by adding any text or drawings to your message. Once you have completed the shot, sling it to your friends. Remember – they have to sling something back to you to see your shot.
Once you have received a shot, you can reply in different ways – give quick replies to your friends by tapping on the shot to send a reaction photo, or you can sling them your own moment in return, and keep the fun going!
Slingshot is a fast, exciting and new way to keep up with your friends. Your shots can be shared with large groups of friends or just a single person and is the perfect way to stay in touch with people in your life. With this app, you stay connected and conversations keep going as your friends react and sling moments back to you – everyone can be a creator with this Facebook Slingshot app.

Think your selfie needs an added moustache? Need to release your inner Picasso on your latest shot? No problem. Staying connected with friends can be creative with this app as you can doodle, draw and write all over your shot to express yourself easily. Now there’s no reason why keeping in touch can’t be colourful!
Moments may be small or big, but you can only enjoy them while they last – once a shot has been swiped away, it’s no longer viewable. Your friends can open the shot, view it and love it before it disappears from their phone.
There’s no need to worry if you’re busy when you receive a shot – shots will stay unlocked on your phone so there’s no problem and you can easily view them later.
If you want a fun, creative and fast way to share moments with your friends, then Slingshot app is the perfect app for you. Why not download it today for iOS or Android, start slinging and give it a shot!

Did you already instal this new Facebook Slingshot app on your mobile phone?

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