New Chat Plugin for Messenger. See What it Does

Many businesses all around the world use chat plugins to get in touch with their customers. They are of all sorts and types. Some use authentication, some don’t. But many of them are using Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with the ones writing to them. 

If until now you had to have a Facebook account in order to use the Messenger plugin, that will be from now on old news. Because Facebook has released a new chat plugin that will allow every person to use Messenger when getting in touch with a business.

How Does The New Chat Plugin for Messenger Work?

First of all, the plugin will remain free, meaning that businesses or customers won’t have to pay any fee to use it – just as it was until now. 

In the pandemic world we are living in, many of the businesses had to rethink their strategy of engaging with possible customers and take it almost all online. 

With the new chat plugin for Messenger on websites, you won’t need to login with your Facebook account, making it easier for people who don’t have one or just don’t want to log in when reaching a business. 

New Chat Plugin for Messenger

It also comes with a new design which makes conversations more intuitive.

If you are worried that it is hard to integrate it into your website, worry no more, because here’s how to do it without using third-party apps. But, of course, if you already use ManyChat or Woocommerce, you can also take advantage of it.

The release comes after a testing period in which they have seen an increase of 45% more customers getting in touch with businesses to ask for information about their products or services.

It seems that being compulsory to log in with a Facebook account was an issue for customers and the move that Facebook made is the right one. 

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