More Ways to Shop on Pinterest

Seasons are changing, so are the wardrobes and, why not, the home furniture or decorations.

So it is only fair for Pinterest to add new features and possibilities to shop on their platform. Besides inspiration, people go to Pinterest for shopping as well. Ever since they launched the possibility to shop on their platform, more and more users went to check the platform and do the online shopping there. 

What’s new with Pinterest?

1. Shop a certain brand you love

Let’s say there’s a brand you love, but their shop on the website is either hard to follow or some products are spread all over the Internet. Starting now, Pinterest will give the opportunity to more brands to create shops on Pinterest, with catalogs that are easy to follow. This will also make it easier for shoppers to find the products they love with just an easy step: click on more from [the brand you are looking for] and see the rest of the products.

2. Personalized recommendations

You know when you look for clothes and also need some inspiration for accessories. Or when you buy a couch and also need curtains. The struggle will be easier from now on, as you will get personalized recommendations based on both what you bought and also what you have previously saved on your boards. In order to do this, just tap “more ideas” and you will be taken to other recommendations. Once you do this, you have two options: either save the pin to one of your boards; or, if it was love at first sight, you can go straight to the checkout point.

3. Shopping ads  

In an attempt to encourage users to shop on their platform, Pinterest has made ads available to more types of businesses, now being available worldwide, through their Ads manager.

4. Shopping search

With more businesses on the platform, there are more products to choose from. So a better search experience was necessary. Now, if you are looking for a product, just search from it and models will appear on the top of the page. To continue shopping, just tap “see more” for details and then add to cart. 

What do you think of the new features for Pinterest? Will you be shopping more on the platform?

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