How The Mobile Phones Changed In the Last 10 Years [Infographic]

Within the past 10 years phones have changed so much to the point where everything is super different. In fact, the mobile phone market is around 4.9 billion units worldwide and the Asia Pacific seems to be the center of mobile subscriber growth right now.

What makes mobile phones powerful right now is that the operating systems are getting more and more impressive, the features you can receive are downright outstanding and there’s always a huge range of features that you can access and enjoy as you see fit.

10 years ago we just had the iPhone and a few models from other companies, so we were only at the beginning of the smartphone revolutions. But the reality is that the mobile phone revolution is even bigger and better because the features are impressive, the attention to detail is outstanding and you do get a tremendous set of personalization options. This wasn’t a part of mobile phones 12-14 years ago, but now it’s a crucial aspect of what you can find on the market and how everything adapts and adjusts as you see fit.

A decade ago most people didn’t really spend that much time on their phones. You can imagine why, they just had a few very simplistic apps and games, so you mostly used phones for calling people and staying in touch with them. Things have changed quite a bit and now mobile phones can be used for a whole lot of other stuff too. They can be used for productivity tasks, at work, at home, some people even choose to run most if not all of their business via their phone. So it’s easy to see why the time invested on mobile devices is around 5.7 hours a day. That might sound like a lot, but it goes to show just how impressive and powerful the mobile world really is.

And obviously, this opened up new opportunities. Programmers were only focused on desktop tools, but right now you can create mobile apps too and that’s a massive market.

For instance you can make an app for your employee in order to send them relevant and up to date information. Also you can chat, send them official documents or receive feedback & suggestions from them fast and easy in this new employee mobile app.

Then there’s also the fact that now mobile phones can access fully fledged websites, so advertising is blossoming on this platform, to begin with. If anything, it shows the true power that you can obtain from this and the ROI can be huge for sure due to that.

There were less than a billion people with mobile phones a decade ago, but now that number is almost 5 times higher and it continues to grow. That’s mostly because the mobile market has grown a lot, tons of companies saw the benefits and features, and it really delivers some resounding benefits and results that you will appreciate quite a bit.

Just think about it, around 62.9% of the world’s population owns a phone, maybe even two of them. That really changed a lot when compared to a decade ago, and it shows the change and exciting premises brought to the table by the use and need of mobile products.

One thing is certain, the world is different now thanks to the way mobile phones evolved in the past decade. If anything, this shows the true power behind the mobile revolution and how even the smallest things got to make quite the difference. This is an exciting way to study and better understand the mobile world and just how much it managed to change our lives.

If you want to learn more about how mobile phones changed our life in the past 10 years, you can check this detailed infographic below, you will enjoy studying and better understanding all these amazing things!