Marketing on Reddit – You don’t have to speak Alien

Marketing on Reddit with web
Reddit is a popular social media website where submitted content is shared with others. It has a great mix of news, social commentary, tech chats and cool links.
This social media site has a lot of activity, and is a great place to regularly promote your content, however too much self-promotion is frowned upon here so make sure you choose entertaining or educational content to share. Most users on Reddit are male and are between 18 and 34 years old.
Unlike many other social websites, such as Digg, it doesn’t matter if you have a wide circle of online friends on Reddit. The popularity of content is based solely on whether people like and promote the content. Reddit users cast more than 21 million votes a day!

Here are some marketing on Reddit tips that will drive traffic to your website


1. Choose the Right Category

Reddit is structured into a number of smaller categories that are also called reddits. If your content is popular, it can break out of its specific category and onto the front page. It is important to choose a category that is not only relevant to your content, but also popular with a high number of subscribers. If you just post to any category, or one that does not have a lot of activity, you will not see much interaction with your content. If you have trouble finding a category that fits, then choose a reddit with a broader topic. Be sure to read the rules for each category before you post anything.

2. Create Compelling Titles

The first thing users will see when you post your content is your title. It is important to pique a reader’s curiosity with a compelling one. You will want the reader to click on your title to read more. Since readers cannot see your content until they click, make sure your title is exciting. Do not choose a simple explanatory title. By creating titles that are more provocative, you will receive more clicks, traffic, and votes.

3. Interact With the Site

Like most social media websites, you will get a better response when posting your content with an active account. You should spend time regularly reading and commenting on user submissions. In addition, you should also feel free to submit material that is not purely promotional. As you become part of the community, your promotional efforts will become more effective.

4. Advertise On Reddit

Reddit also offers advertising. You can easily create an ad campaign by providing a link with a photo. Your advertisement will display right on the front page, and it will look similar to a normal link submission on Reddit. These ads are highly responsive, and a strong ad will get clicks and comments.

5. Popular subjects:

Video Games
Unusual stories
Weird facts
Reddit Etiquette:
Reddit has its own guidelines (read Reddiquette) and values written by Redditors themselves. Have a look at the guide, it can help you decide whether Reddit might be a good fit.
Reddit is a great site to submit entertaining and appealing material. The people who frequent Reddit respond well to strong content. If social media is part of your marketing strategy, you should consider looking into this network and the opportunities it has to offer.
What do you think about marketing on Reddit? Did you use this social channel often?
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