How to Manage Facebook Ad Campaign 24/7 ?


Managing Facebook ad campaigns may be hard and most of the marketers are working 24/7, in order to monitorize ads running. But here is a great news! Online environment provides a great tool that may helps you to manage Facebook ad campaign without actually working 24/7. SocialClicks launched SocialClicks Advance Technology Suite, that is using a smart algorithm, in order to help you to manage Facebook ad campaign, while you’re sleeping.


How to Manage Facebook Ad Campaign 24/7 ?


Advanced Technology Suite algorithm was created based on real time and and historical data. Marketers will be able to  manage and optimimize Facebook ad campaign, according to the targets and the goals that they’re setting on. This is a very interesting tool for marketers, but also for IT specialists and buyers. According to IDG Connect, Facebook represents the main option for IT specialists when it comes to mobile apps development and brand buying decision making.

Brand fans and buyers are using multiple Facebook pages, so as a marketer it is very important to make sure that ad campaign are being properly managed and optimized, even if they are not at the office anymore. Why is this so important? First of all, because it is estimated that 29% of Facebook users refers to them as a buying decision making person. This is one of the reasons why social media is such an important communication channel for brands. Facebook influence buyer decision making, if it is used properly: relevant content, important information for fans, interactive games and apps, engaging online shopping for buyers. 

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