Make Your Visual Content Shareable in Social Media

animoto social media

As marketers already know, 2014 is the year of visual content. So to make the first steps into this visual branding world, it is very important to get you out of your confort zone. Pictures are great, engaging, fun, whatever you want, but videos represents the next level when it comes to social media marketing.

Make your visual content more shareable on Social Media

The first tool I would like to introduce to you is Animoto. This is a great tool for marketers to create engaging little stories about brands or make cute videos for important days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas Holidays. All you need to do is to upload a few photos and to pick the right song for your video. And remember! The first 30 seconds are free. So, this may be a free tool for your brand in social media, if you want to create just short videos and share them in social media.

Animoto offers  you a few cool options

  • You can share you’re video straight from the Animoto platform
  • You can upgrade the video to HD resolution
  • You can export the video on Youtube, SmugMug or Vimeo: three of the most important visual content platforms.

think link
Another free tool that I absolutely love is ThinkLink. This tool will help you to make brand photography more interactive in the social media environment. By sharing edited photos in ThinkLink, your fans will have the opportunity to interact with your brand and with a whole lots of information about it. You can add videos, social media links or even to create scenarios where the brand may be the king.
This is how ThinkLink works: I choose a random photo with two lovers and I added  two icons: a Facebook icon and a video icon. ThinkLink allows you to add links to all of the social media brand pages, videos and descriptions, in order to transform brand informations from boring to engaging and fun for consumers.
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