4 Simple Tips to Help Make Social Media Videos More Engaging

When you publish videos on social media, you’ll undoubtedly want them to be as engaging as possible. Simply put engaging videos that not only attract but retain viewers are more likely to get shares, comments, and generate more exposure in the process.
At first, trying to make social media videos more engaging can seem tricky, but there are actually a few simple tips that could help you on that front.

4 Simple Tips to Help Make Social Media Videos More Engaging

1. Don’t make the video too long

Length can be a problem for videos on social media, as you’ll need to find a balance between it being long enough to deliver the message yet short enough that viewers don’t lose interest. Ideally, you should aim for your videos to be under a minute, and on some social media platforms such as Instagram, it is best to keep it around 15 seconds.
While shorter videos are better for engagement, there are exceptions – and the optimal length will vary depending on the demographics that you’re targeting too.

2. Cement interest in the first 8 seconds

All you really have is 8 seconds to interest and engage viewers – after that they may decide to stop watching. There tends to be a sharp drop off in viewers after the 8-second mark, and so you should try to use those first 8 seconds to cement their interest and give them a good reason to keep watching. One way to do that is to make sure you let them know what benefits they stand to again within that timeframe.

3. Direct questions to the viewers and respond to them

Try posing questions to your viewers by asking them what they think or to give their opinion on something, or even answer a poll. By directing questions to viewers, you’re more likely to engage them and get them to comment or perhaps perform other actions.
If viewers do comment, you should respond to at least some comments – as it will open up lines of communication and encourage more viewers to do the same.

4. Experiment, track, and evaluate

Always remember: There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for engagement, and so the best way to gradually improve engagement levels is to experiment and try new things, track how your videos perform, and then analyze and evaluate that data. By doing so you should be able to incrementally improve the engagement of your videos over time.
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