LinkedIn drops LinkedIn Today for Pulse

LinkedIn pushes customized content with the integration of news curation app Pulse for desktop and mobile versions.
LinkedIn announced on Wednesday that its popular news curation feature, LinkedIn Today, has been replaced on both desktop and mobile by Pulse, which was acquired by LinkedIn in April for $90 million. While LinkedIn Today was the company’s original attempt to make individual users’ home pages more dynamic, perhaps that particular mix of “professional” content around certain subjects, complemented by stories shared by their networks, has not really done the job well enough.
The advantage for users is supposed to be more industry relevant stories, based on your Linkedin history. When users sign into LinkedIn, they will first see Pulse’s news recommendations. Users who like what they read on LinkedIn now know where they can access that content at all times.
According to a LinkedIn spokesperson, Pulse will continue to stay the course with its own business goals by continuing to strike up content deals with third-party publishers. “The relationships Pulse has will stay intact and a selection of these publishers will also be accessible now on,” she said.
LinkedIn’s Pulse integration is the latest in a number of improvements the social network has made to its user experience across desktop and mobile in the last year.
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