LinkedIn Adds Skill Assessments to Your Profile

In the world we are living in, school is not the most important place to acquire skills, but real-life situations are. Many people who try to get hired and also employment managers say that the diploma one has is not as important as the skills that person had acquired by working in a certain field and along time. Statistics show that 76% of the HR people wish to have a tool that would help them identify the candidates that have more necessary skills for the job in order to stand out.

LinkedIn Adds Skill Assessments to Your Profile

This is why LinkedIn, the social network most used when it comes to hiring and professional work, has come up with a solution for this: they have rolled out the Skills Assessments, a new way for users to make the best of their skills and showcase them in front of possible employers. 

After several tests concerning this new feature for LinkedIn, people that have showcased their skills on their profiles were by 30% more likely to get hired.

Each skill assessment that you have gained will go through a content creator and review process by the LinkedIn Learning industry and go through the hands of professionals before it appears on your public profile. For each skill you master, you will receive a badge, so you would be easily identified by hiring professionals. 

How to do it?

In order to add a new skill to your profile, you just scroll through the available skills section on your profile and select the ones you would like to take. 

All the results of the exams are private and only if you pass them – meaning you answer more than 70% of the questions and tasks right – you can add the specific badge to your profile. If you don’t pass, you are not obliged to post the result, but go and learn out more about the specific skill and retake the assessment.

After you passed an assessment for an in-demand skill, you will also get job recommendations related to the specific skill as soon as they are posted on the social network.

Free learning courses

Let’s say you want to improve the visibility of your profile by adding skills and you want to prepare for the assessment. After taking it, whether you passed it or not, LinkedIn is offering, for a limited amount of time, access to their free courses to help you keep in shape with your knowledge.

What’s your take on the LinkedIn update?

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