Lens Fest – Snapchat’s Online Festival

In a time when festivals and events all over the world have been postponed or switched to online, it is no surprise that Snapchat is also launching a new one, online.

In a world where AR is gaining more and more territory, it is only normal that Snap would organize an online festival on this.

Between 8 and 10 of December, we present you: Lens Fest, Snap’s Global AR Festival that you can join now. Registration closes on the 8th of December.

Lens Fest

Let’s see what will happen during the 3-days festival and how to register.

Each day, starting 8 AM PT, there will be four online sessions, by the following schedule. And more:

Day 1

  • Snap’s AR Ecosystem – From Creation to Discovery
  • Building the AR Economy: Creator Opportunities With Snap
  • From Design to Development: An Introduction to the Power of Lens Studio
  • Demo: Tutorial: No Code AR.

Day 2

  • Our Global Community: Lenses With Social Impact
  • Machine Learning: Building Innovative Lenses With SnapML
  • Creator Insights + Hacks: Instantly Uplevel Your AR Lens Experiences
  • Demo: Tutorial: New Improvements to Lens Studio

Day 3

  • The Future of AR: Changing the Lenscape
  • Elevating Your Creations: Discovery and Distribution on Snapchat
  • The AR Frontier: Unlocking New Experiences With Lens Studio
  • Demo: Tutorial: Lens Studio Deep Dive

Who can register?

This year’s Lens Fest is open to everyone. So whether you are a content creator on Snapchat or just a regular user sharing content with friends and other followers, all you have to do is to answer some basic questions and you are in!

If you want to be on track with Snap’s Lenses and if you want to find out tips and tricks on content, here’s the event you should not miss.

Hurry up and register now for there days of knowledge and fun along creators and users all over the world!

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