Latest Programming Languages For Application Developers (Infographic)

In the past few years, smartphones apps have shown tremendous growth on graphs, you would be shocked by knowing the actual fact that quite 1.4 billion units were sold in 2016 and this selection will positive as it is predicted that its number will be crossed in 2017.
Another truth is that, by 2020, mobile apps area unit forecast to return up with around 189 billion U.S. bucks in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. A variety of the foremost widespread operating system native stores area unit Apple’s App Store, Google Play store additional as Windows Store and BlackBerry App World. As of June 2016, there will be two million market apps at Google Play store and 2 billion apps on the Apple’s App Store, both are the two leading app stores around the globe.
As mobile selling continues to dominate the digital marketing realm, a lot of companies are also capitalizing on the most recent mobile technology – mobile apps, to create whole awareness, acquire customers, and increase revenue.
Because of this ascent, presently everybody appears to be Associate to develop an app for his or her small and medium size enterprise.
Thus, don’t be left behind. Have the courage to require the plunge and build your own mobile app.
If you’re just beginning out in this object, you need the correct tool to provide purposeful apps.
But still, once it involves choosing a language for the mobile application development, you are confused. You discover that there are thousand of writing languages offered for the event and it’s quite a tough task to pick out up the one that’s most accurately fits into the character of your application.
Thus, here we are showing the latest programming languages that are used for mobile app development so that you’re going to be able to merely decide the compatible language for your smartphone application.

Latest Programming Languages For Application Developers

1. HTML5

An effective language that avails lots of blessings creating the programming less difficult.
Major Characteristics:

  • Easy to use for each app and sites
  • Device agnostic
  • Provides responsive style to suit any device or screen size
  • Built-in media playback
  • Offline caching permits bound parts access offline

Top sites written in HTML5:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Nike
  • Dribble

2. Python

A better language for beginners. With Python, you are doing not got to compile your program before capital punishment it. Get Object-Oriented vogue and technique of programming.
Major Characteristics:

  • Easy to work
  • Open Source
  • Interpreted
  • Object-Oriented
  • Extensive Libraries

Top sites written in Python:

  • Dropbox
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Quora

3. Swift

The latest programming language for iOS apps, Swift adopts safe patterns for programming and provides many options to urge versatile and straightforward programming.
Major Characteristics:

  • Compatible solely with iOS and OS X
  • A distilled kind of Objective-C
  • Convenient to increase and Maintain with Dynamic Libraries
  • Future of Apple’s Development Framework

Top Apps written in Swift

  • WordPress for iOS
  • Firefox iOS App
  • WeChat Clone

4. Objective-C

Get powerful development with this extremely dynamic language. Objective-C  offers dynamic writing, categories, communicator message syntax and many more for the top class development.
Major Characteristics:

  • Expressive Message Syntax
  • Dynamic Run-Time
  • Automatic garbage pickup
  • Simplicity
  • Access to Apple Technologies

Top sites written in Objective-C:


5. Java

Simple, Secure, Object-Oriented, Portable, design neutral square measure some options that create Java a widely-accepted language. It is an incredibly useful skill for back-end developers.
Major Characteristics:

  • Adaptable to Approx all Platforms
  • Open supply Libraries
  • Object-focused language
  • Rich APIs permits for tools for every Task
  • Strong Integrated Development Environment (IDE) minimizes errors and offers clear explanations and suggestions

Top sites written in Java

  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus