Landscape Video Comes to IGTV

Over one year ago, Instagram was launching IGTV, a new form of sharing content. A mid-long form video content. And they were portrait. Instagram has recently announced that they will be supporting landscape form as well.

Ever since its launch, people at Instagram have listened to creators and adapted to their changes and wishes on how IGTV should look and feel like. One major change they made this year is the possibility to add a IGTV preview in the Instagram feed so that followers can get a taste of what’s to come. After the change was made, they have noticed an increase in IGTV views. And creators being more creative when it comes to the content they share. 

The latest change for IGTV

Since we have them smartphones, many of the people’s behaviors have changed when it comes to consuming content: we don’t film landscape that much, nor we watch videos in landscape – at least when watching stories on different platforms. When instead we’re watching a video on Facebook or YouTube, our instinct tells us we have to do it in the landscape. And this requirement came from users all over the time.

This is why Instagram is introducing now support for landscape videos on IGTV as well. Because their goal is to make IGTV a place where both creators and followers are spending a good time and want to come back. 

What does this mean for the users?

When we speak about users on Instagram, we divide them into two parts, even though they are one and the same, because it is hard to separate them: creators and followers. And this is because we are, at the same time, both creators and followers.

With the latest change with IGTV, followers will feel more at home when watching videos in landscape, because this is only natural, especially if we also watch TV or videos on a desktop or laptop.

For the creators, it gives more ways of expressing themselves. 

What do you think of the change Instagram has made to IGTV?

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