Komunomo, the social platform that relies on communities of interests

Without a doubt, social networks have become an integral part of our life, playing a crucial role in helping us stay connected and communicate with family, friends and various acquaintances. However, networks like Facebook have an obvious weak point: they are not ideal for discovering relevant content because you rely too much on what your connections share. And what they share might be of little or no interest to you. Having this in mind, it is no surprise platforms that focus on uniting people around common interests have begun to rise.

What is Komunomo?

Komunomo is a social platform that is being developed by a Romanian IT startup. The project started in late summer, 2014, with only two people; eight others have joined so far. The platform’s name, “Komunomo”, is based on the Esperanto (a constructed international language) word “komunumo”, which means “community”.
Komunomo’s central element is represented by communities of interest, which users can create and join. Within communities, people can generate various types of content (articles, polls, events) and interact with others who share their interests and passions. The idea of communities came as a solution that allows Komunomo’s users to follow the subjects that are important to them, instead of other people with whom they might have one or two interests in common (if any at all). Since every community has its own set of specific needs, various organizational tools and widgets that will allow a high degree of customization are to be developed and implemented.
Komunomo aims to become a virtual library of valuable content, where each particular user can have quick access to the topics that he/she finds relevant, as well as a powerful information exchange tool, where people can interact and share their knowledge and experiences. The Komunomo team believes the platform can be used by various types of users: bloggers, universities, NGOs and foundations, work groups, fan clubs or people who are just interested in networking around a specific interest, be it professional or a hobby.

Komunomo statistics

Komunomo is in an open beta phase; the official launch date is scheduled for 2016. At the moment, Komunomo has roughly 5000 users and it supports 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Romanian. Since the platform is still under development, the Komunomo team is keen on engaging its users and receiving feedback from them, feedback that will help the developers decide which existing features to perfect and what additional ones to implement. Komunomo is also available as an Android app.
As for the business model, Cosmin Coștean, Komunomo CEO, had the following to say: “Right now, it is not a top priority. Of course, we are considering and experimenting various monetization alternatives, but first of all, we are concentrating our efforts on developing a relevant, useful and high-quality product. Addressing the needs of our users is of utmost importance to us”.
As a conclusion, Komunomo is a free social platform that allows people to interact and exchange information within communities of interests. Joining and creating communities acts like a time-saving relevance filter, ensuring each user only sees the content that he/she considers interesting. Since the platform plans to address a wide variety of specific needs, the Komunomo team is actively communicating with its users, in the interest of improving and developing features and enhancing the overall on-site experience.
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