It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It


So you’re running your social campaign and your content isn’t performing as well as it should, or as well as you want it too, so what can you do about it? Well, assuming that the content itself is of good quality, we can improve it. Presentation is key and if we want the most out of our content, we need to learn how to dress it up.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It


Double checking your content before you post it is very important, a lot of the time you miss out a few letters and worst case, your update barely makes sense. Even if you notice these mistakes straight away, you run the risk of someone seeing this and deeming your company as unprofessional, which if you are trying to win new clients, is certainly a step in the wrong direction.

Lost Links

On some occasions, links are put in the wrong place and go unseen. This means that when someone is scrolling through their news feed, your update gets lost in a flood of other updates and your link is being hidden under the dreaded read more button.

You can fit roughly 8 lines of content in an update. I find one of the best methods is to use about 3 – 4 lines to talk about the link and entice your viewers to click through, then turn down a few lines and insert the link. This makes the link stand out on the page and increases the chance of gaining your audience’s attention.

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Engagement is one of the primary targets of social media and a lot of the time we are making it hard for our users to talk to us. The truth is the majority of our content consists of statements and it’s hard to develop on that. The majority of the time we can either like or dislike a statement, which translates to people “liking” your status. If you want your audience’s opinion, ask for it. You need to be specific though, simply saying “what are your thoughts?” at the end of an update is not strong enough. One of the best methods is to give options, like “do you prefer A or B?” Another good option is to speculate about what could happen to spark your fans’ imagination.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Images are becoming more and more important to utilise in your social media campaign – I can quite safely say that the majority of my news feed is dominated with media. Purely because using images works, it grabs attention and encourages engagement. The only problem is because so many people are using images to accompany their content, anyone who isn’t gets left behind.

By following these steps to improve your content, you increase your chances of engaging your followers and building a relationship with them, which is one of the biggest goals of social.