Is Kim Kardashian Underrated in Social Media Marketing?

Even if you’re not a fan of her reality show or the mobile game that seemed to take over all smartphones at one time, it’s difficult to deny the impact that Kim Kardashian has had on social media. People recognize the surname, and it’s easy to imagine that most people associate it with Kim the moment it’s uttered. It’s easy to see why since, as time has shown us, this media personality might be underrated on the social media marketing front.

Kim Kardashian Underrated in Social Media

The recently released Kimoji app is just another example of the aforementioned claim. For those who do not know, this app features a series of Kim Kardashian-themed emojis; more than 250 of these designs are available to those who are willing to shell out the $1.99 asking price. Among the emojis in question are a peach covered in cream and the giggle-inducing Kim Kardashian crying face. Not only did people wind up buying the Kimoji app, but buyers came in such droves that it actually caused Apple’s own App Store to crash.

While the Kimoji app isn’t designed to reinvent the wheel – practically all of the included emojis are meant to be sent to friends and family members as gags – it does show how well Kardashian and whoever is behind her marketing have their collective finger on the pulse of their demographic. As any online marketing firm can attest, understanding your audience is crucial. This isn’t the first example of Kardashian’s impact on social media, though.
Think back to June of last year, when Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was released on mobile devices. This mobile game, where you are tasked with acquiring fame to eventually reach A-list status, became a hit almost immediately after its release. Whether it was due to genuine interest or a chuckle, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made $1.6 million less than a week after its release. While the game doesn’t suit my own interests – I’m more of an action-adventure gamer myself – I recognize the impact it had, among avid gamers and general users alike.
It’s shocking to think that Kim Kardashian might just be one of the most underrated names in social media marketing. While the persona she depicts on her reality show might say otherwise, it seems as though she has a good understanding of the content her audience consumes. Her focus on simple mobile games and fun apps should be commended, as it has made her quite successful on the digital front. No matter what comes next, whether it’s in the form of another digital app or not, it’s likely that people will flock to it all the same.
What is your take on Kimoji, in general? What about Kim Kardashian as a social media marketing figure? Please leave all thoughts down below!
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