Instagram’s New Feature Allows You to Post Older Pictures in Stories

Instagram is getting closer and closer to businesses, as its parent, Facebook, does as well. This time they introduced a new feature that allows users and businesses as well to post older pictures in Stories. And by older, it means that not only the ones took 24 hours before, but 2 or even 5 years earlier. Until now, both users and businesses were using tricks to post older photos, but this is not necessary anymore.
With this new feature, Instagram is detaching from just copying Spanchat and it is improving the user’s experience with the platform, by giving more flexibility instead of limiting user’s creativity to a limited period of time.


How do you post older pictures in Stories?

You open Instagram and then the Stories feature by swiping right or by the button on the upper left side of the screen. After you enter the Stories mode, you select the photos button on the down left side of the screen.
The pictures you have taken in the last 24 hours will appear under the label ”Last 24 hours”, whereas the older ones, under the label ”Camera roll”. If you select a photo or a video from the last 24 hours, it will appear like stories taken spontaneously, whereas when you add an older photo or video, a sticker with the date in which it was taken will appear on it. You can choose if you want to keep the sticker and change its color from white to black or red or to simply delete it.
As all the other Stories, the new type can be personalized as you wish: using filters, stickers, locations, polls, text or drawings. And, as we are talking about stickers, you should know that in this last update, Instagram introduced new filters, reaching 15 at the moment.

But how is this new Instagram update good for businesses?

If you are a restaurant, for example, and you don’t have a social media person hired in-house and an important person is having lunch at your place, it is nearly impossible to just phone the person that does the social media job for you and that person to be there in a 5 minutes’ time. So, any of your employees can take a picture and send it to the right person that has the credentials to post it and it will still be on the spot.
If for example, you work in an agency and have several clients in the situation mentioned above or any other situations that require your presence in multiple places at the same time, this new feature will save you time. Or if for example, you have visited one of your clients and took photos from the location and you don’t want to share them all in one day, your solution is nowhere.
Let us know in comments if you will use this new feature and which do you think are the benefits of it.
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