Instagram Will Be a Safer Place

Due to recent events, when both Facebook and Twitter have deleted several accounts for being fake or promoting fake news, Instagram has also made a step forward in what the authenticity of accounts is concerning.
Representatives have shared in a blog post the new tools that will help users confirm their authenticity and will allow other users to find more information about them.
What does this mean and how Instagram is improving this? Let’s find out!

Instagram Will Be a Safer Place


1. Info on accounts

If you have an account that reaches a large audience, you will be able to add information on your account to prove it is genuine and authentic. If you want to find more about an account, you go to the “…” menu and tap on it. Select the “About this account” to see more info such as the date the user joined Instagram, the country where the account is based, shared followers, if they changed their name within the last year and if and what ads they are currently running. The new feature will be released for accounts that reach a larger number of people in September and, after a while, the feature will be released for all the other users as well.


2. Access to verification

This means that accounts will be allowed to add the blue badge that means that they are verified accounts. Just as it has been until now. But the process of receiving a badge has changed. First, the account must comply with the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines of Instagram. Then, you must fill in a verification form. To do this, go to the settings of your account and, at the bottom, select the “Request verification” and start confirming your identity. The information you provide will not be public. Asking for a verified badge does not guarantee that you will get it. After the account has been reviewed, you will receive a notification saying whether it will receive or not the badge.


3. Third-party Authenticator

Soon enough you will be able to login to Instagram with a third-party app. Introducing the new way of two-factor authentication will bring more safety to the login. In order to use a third-party app to log in to Instagram, go to the Settings menu and, at the bottom, select Two-factor Authentication. Then, select the Authentication App. If you already have one on your phone, Instagram will recognize it. If you don’t, they will send you to the App Store or Google Play Store to download one. Once installed, return to Instagram and add it as an authentication method.

What do you think about the measures Instagram has taken to protect the security?
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