Instagram Updates Threads, Puts Focus on Closed Friends

It seems like Instagram is doing lots of changes to its Messenger app, trying to enhance people to spend even more time on the social network chatting with friends, family and followers.

Last month we were telling you that Instagram has a totally different Messenger experience following Facebook’s efforts to merge all its messaging apps into one – WhatsApp, Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.

What are Instagram Threads?

Last year, Instagram has added Threads, a new – for that time – messenger app which focused on communication and updates with only the ones considered by Instagram as being closed friends.

In the last update from Instagram, Threads is a two-tab inbox.

In the “Closed friends” tab, you can continue your older conversations as you were until now; and in the “Everyone else” tab you will find the larger Instagram inbox, where you can find chats with people or pages you don’t interact very often.

Instagram Threads

Your status will be shown to your closed friends only, and Threads will prioritise the chats with them, by sending you notifications only when your closed friends sent you a message. If this is an inconvenient for you, you can always turn on notifications for all the messages.

The cross-messaging features is not available for Threads at the moment, but Instagram representatives didn’t deny that it won’t happen in a future they don’t know. This means you won’t be able to change chat colours, add personalised stickers and all the other new and glam features the latest update brings to the Instagram chat.

We are curious how many of you are using Threads to communicate with your friends and followers? And also wonder if its future is still as a stand-alone app or it will also be integrated in the combination Facebook is working on: WhatsApp + Instagram DM + Facebook Messenger.

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