New Ways to Connect on Instagram Stories: the Chat sticker

Even though this May Instagram has announced that will kill the stand-alone Instagram Direct App, it seems that they have not lost interest in the functionality and bring it even more close to its users.

A few hours ago Instagram has announced the launch of a new sticker in stories: Direct Message.

What’s with this new chat sticker?

New chat sticker in Stories

Introducing the new chat sticker in Stories. Now, there's an easy way to start conversations with a group of friends right from your story.

Posted by Instagram on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

They say that is a new way to connect in Direct, thus the connection with the beginning of the article. They are not already ready to give up on the name Direct and just stick to Private Message.

With the new sticker – that you can find in the stickers tray – you can start one-on-one conversations or group ones related to a subject you posted in a story. Your followers will be able to request to join the conversation and you can be as selective as you want and choose the ones you want to appear in a group conversation. Or the ones you want to talk to in private. 

This new Chat sticker is a step forward that Instagram takes in form of its direct rival, Snapchat, and this time they can’t be accused of being a copy-cat.

How do you use the Chat sticker?

The mechanism is the same as for the other Stories sticker:

  • open your Instagram camera and take or upload a photo;
  • open the stickers’ tray;
  • choose the Chat sticker;
  • give it a short description;
  • share your new story;
  • let your friends request if they want to join the conversation.

Everyone that is involved in a particular conversation can view the other users participating and the subject of the conversation. 

This is a new way to connect with friends and followers on Instagram and could make conversations on certain topics more engaging. 

What do you think of the new functionality? Will you use it?

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