Instagram Adds QR Codes

There was a time when almost everyone thought that the QR code is dead. Or barely used. But now, with the pandemic we live in, it seems that more and more businesses began to use it for different purposes, such as restaurants that have added QR codes instead of physical menus. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Snapchat have also been using QR-like codes.

Before launching their own version of QR codes, Instagram has launched the nametags, which could only be scanned with the Instagram camera and allowed you as a user to access Instagram profiles without writing the handle as easy as a scan. 

But today they have announced they released a new feature and, as you already guessed, it is a QR code one worldwide. They have been testing it since last year, but in Japan only and now they made it available around the world. 

How to generate your Instagram QR code?

Before you start to think of how to use it, let’s see how you create an Instagram QR code.

Instagram QR code

The first step is, of course, to open the app. Then go to the settings tab on your profile and tap the QR code button. Don’t worry if you still see Nametag there – the feature will be ditched and replaced by the QR code. After it is generated, you can save the picture and then add it to your website or on physical supports.

How to use the Instagram QR code?

Well, regarding this, the sky and imagination are the limits. Because after this period in which it was considered almost dead, maybe any idea is a good one. Look at the HoReCa industry and how they have introduced the QR code in the pandemic context. 

You can add it to your shop’s window so people passing by when it is closed can check your Instagram profile where you showcase what you sell, special offers, schedule and whatever crosses your mind. 

You can also add an Instagram Shop to your profile if you haven’t done it yet and allow users that check out your profile to do the online shopping or just to follow your profile to see news and maybe you can turn them into returning customers.

This new feature of Instagram opens a relatively new world for online marketers, making them rethink strategies and introduce the latest feature from the social networks into the future ones. 

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