Instagram Polls in Private Conversations

Polls and questions have changed the way people use Instagram and the way they interact.
Yesterday, Instagram has announced they are launching polls and questions in direct messages, whether we are talking about a private conversation with just one person or with a group of friends. That’s because each of us might have questions that are to be asked to a close group of friends only, as not only people we care about follow us on Instagram.


How do you add Instagram Polls in Private Conversations?

Step 1: Download the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Store.
Step 2: Open your app and go to the Direct section. Then take a photo or a video.
Step 3: Add a poll sticker to your photo or video, just as you do in the Stories’ section.
Step 4: Ask your question and add the two options for an answer.
Step 5: Send the photo or the video either to one friend or to that group you need an opinion from.
Step 6: Wait for your friend or friends to vote their favorite in your poll. You can see the choices your friends have made in real time, just like with the polls in Stories.

It is more and more clear that Instagram is turning into a more prominent social network, rather than a platform where users post artistic photos or videos. With all the updates they have made after the Facebook acquisition, it was almost clear that the direction they are heading was one towards a more interactive social media network.
What do you think of the latest Instagram update? Will you use it with your friends and followers? What about the new direction Instagram is heading?
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