Instagram News Launched at F8

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced yesterday during the F8 conference many updates to its primary social network, but also for the others that they have acquired along time.
So let’s see what’s the Instagram News launched at F8 conference this year.

Instagram News Launched at F8


Instagram Stories

There are new ways to share and express your feelings or moods with Instagram Stories. It is now possible to add stickers or captions from third parties apps such as Spotify or GoPro. Representatives say that they will allow access to other apps in the near future. We still don’t know which are they at the moment.
In order to do so, you have to tap the Instagram icon in your Spotify or GoPro app and the content will be shared within Instagram Stories. An important notice that they give is that you don’t have to connect your Instagram account to the apps in order to share the specific content you want to Stories.


New Camera Effects

Even though Instagram already offers loads of effects for the camera, such as stickers, filters and text styles, they are now opening this world to third parties to do designs for those features. This will give brands and personalities the opportunity to strengthen their personal brand and even to share it with their followers.
How do you use this new feature? Let’s say you see a new effect that you like a photo or video of an account you follow and you want to try it yourself. All you have to do is tap on the “Try it on” button and it will be added to your list of effects and you can use it at any time.


Video Chat

Maybe the most important or the most awaited feature for Instagram was the video chat one.
Many Instagram users go live every day in order to share moments of their lives with their friends and followers. Instagram is making a step forward in order to bring friends together, no matter the distance, by introducing the video chat feature within the app.
To start a video chat with one or even more friends, enter the Direct section of the app and tap the camera icon at the top of the section. Select one or more friends and start video chatting. A great idea was to introduce the option to minimize the video. so that you can still scroll or even chat with other friends while being online with the ones you’ve initiated the chat with.


A new Instagram Explore Tab

Instagram was doing their best to share relevant content within the Explore tab to each user, giving them personalized content based on what they like and follow.
The new Explore tab still follows the old algorithm but will be now organized into topic channels, such as: photography, animals, architecture, decor. The design is improved, looking better and neater.

Some of the new features are still in their test period and will be rolling out worldwide in the near future. So if you still don’t have them, do not panic!
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