Instagram Is Launching IGTV

We have heard rumors some weeks ago about Instagram planning to launch a longer video format. They will become a reality tomorrow. Let’s see what this is all about!
IGTV, a video hub that will be part of the explore tab will be launched tomorrow. Instagram has been having meetings with creators to encourage them to film videos that are up to 60 minutes’ length. They are relying on creators that use mobile devices to share their content, more than the ones that use traditional media.

Image source: TechCrunch


How will IGTV – the name has not been yet confirmed – work?

  1. Format: As we already said, the length of the videos will be from 15 seconds to 1 hour. The resolution will be 4K, full screen and vertically oriented.
  2. Launch partners: Instagram has talked to social media influencers to create content specific to the new video hub for the 20th of June release.
  3. Where: it is not yet known if IGTV will be an app itself or if it will be found in the explore tab within Instagram. What is already know is that it will be a video hub, where you will be able to see videos or continue to watch the ones that you paused for whichever reason.


Creating new trends

Instagram has lately encouraged the use of video both for influencers, other users, and brands, by integrating more and more features into stories or feed videos and even ads.
With an increasing number of Instagram users, the new type of video might be another way of trendsetting in the video industry. If users are bored with the content the ones they are following are posting, they can switch to the videos other creators are posting. Whether they are following them or not.
Most probably, there will be a “Trending now” tab within the update to see what your friends or other people around the world are watching at the moment.
If all goes well, they might even split the IGTV into a new app or even create one for the TV or other consoles connected to the Internet.
What do you think about this? Curious to find out more? Let’s see what tomorrow brings!
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