Instagram Interactive Stories Ads

Lately, Instagram is doing more efforts for both brands and customers to keep them on the platform and even invest in buying ads.

After introducing the checkout feature to shops’ profiles, Instagram now makes Stories Ads more interactive. How? Let’s see!

Instagram Interactive Stories Ads

Over 500 million Instagram accounts are using Stories every day. Both regular users and brands are trying to be as interactive as they can and add different stickers to their stories: GIFs, location, mentions, hashtags, polls, questions, countdowns or others. 

But, until now, businesses were able to add those stickers to their organic Stories. Not that it is a bad idea, but they would reach only their followers.

That is why, starting now, business profiles on Instagram will be able to add stickers to their Stories Ads and reach more and more users by this means. 

The first step is being able to add a poll sticker to their story. Interactivity bring people together and stickers and an awesome way of expressing opinions on Stories or products. This is why the poll stickers might have been chosen to be the first one to appear in Instagram Stories Ads. 

After it has been in a beta testing mode, businesses that have been using it reported an increase in both the engagement and an increase in the length of video views with up to 3 seconds. And a better price for the video ads. Or more app installations.

How to do it?

In order to attach a poll sticker to a video ad you create, you must go to your Ads Manager profile and, when creating the ad, select only the Instagram Stories Ad placement. Upload the creative and write the text you want – if any. Then, check the Add an Interactive Poll and let the magic happen. It is that easy! 

What do you think about Instagram’s new feature? Will you use it for your business?

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