Instagram Etiquette: The Unwritten rules of Instagram

Social media has revolutionized to the extent that we need guidelines to operate on it. Instagram is one of the most trending social media platform right now that has changed the face of just an ordinary photograph. With an Android phone, a selection of filters you can go ahead and take that flawless photo or bet yet ‘double tap’ a friends photo, an indication that you liked the picture. However, Instagram just like any other social media tool has brought about re-unions, breakups, increase of sales in one’s business among other things. Images sure don’t lie. Hashtag has also become trendy in Instagram just like in Twitter and most recently Facebook. However, hashtags have been misused to an extent it has become bewilderment to a new user. Here are the guides to the usage the most important things on Instagram.

Instagram Etiquette: The Unwritten rules of Instagram


1. Do not tag every individual word

Tagging every word in Instagram becomes a clutter rather than a tagged statement. E.g. #an#eatout#with#pals. People will lose trail to getting to your point in a statement and forego your posts.

2. Avoid stringing along too many words together

While making a statement, keep it as precise as possible. Remove spaces in between and capitalize every first word to make it easy for the eyes of the reader.

3. Don’t over describe your post afterwards with additional hashtag words

This becomes messy and unnecessary especially since the post is fully understandable.
With the hashtag etiquette in mind it is now safe to proceed with identifying the rules of Instagram that will guide you to be a less annoying instagrammer and more of a polished user. Keeping in mind your followers, it is ideal that these rules favor even your followers.

4. Synchronize your Twitter and Instagram Username

It is much easier to use the same Twitter and Instagram username especially when you want to acquire more followers. Avoid so many identities that will mix up your followers.

5. Do not beg for followers

This is just a sign of desperation or attention seeking behavior. Instagram is not a competing arena for more followers. So do not envy your friend who has more followers and start begging for followers. Keep your posts interesting with eye captivating photos as possible and followers will trickle in.

6. Do not like your every photo or every photo of your followers

Another desperate stunt is that one liking your every photo after posting. As much as you might be in love with your photo don’t make it too obvious to the rest of your followers. Again, why would you like every photo even if it is just a blank upload? This is can be annoying to your follower and may consider you a stalker and even block you.

7. Hashtags should be used meaningfully and discerningly

As pointed out earlier on the hashtags rule keep the hashtags simple and clear.

8. Make use of the filters

Filters were put there for a reason, so make use of them. Avoid too many filters on your photos. This may deem on you as unreal. Natural photos are authentic but again a little spice on your photos may go a long way.

9. Photos should speak for themselves

A photo at a coffee shop, a boutique, a nice restaurant should leave an explanation to the person looking at it. Make sure to tag the locations or otherwise write captions that states the location of the place. You might never know the person would want to dine with the better half on that spot.

10. Socialize

It is a social media platform so, don’t just enjoy your own posts. Like and comment on other followers posts that have intrigued you. Ensure to follow your favorite band, musician, and group whatever that excites you.

11. Do not over post

Avoid flooding the feed with many photos. A photo a day is quite okay. Averagely five photos in a week would be ideal. Again, posting one photo in a month will leave you with no follower as followers will find you boring. Be an active member.
There you have the rules of Instagram, though unwritten, at your disposal. Incorporate them in your instapics and you won’t go wrong in achieving the picture perfect post.

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