Instagram Checkout – Buy From Brands Without Leaving Instagram

It seems that Instagram wants indeed to become an e-commerce site as well by introducing a new feature that allows users to buy directly from the platform. For now, this new Instagram feature is only available in beta testing in the US.

What does this mean for the platform and businesses?

We think that Instagram wants people to leave the platform as rare as possible, that is why they have introduced this new feature.

It will be easier now to shop for a product you have seen and liked and even show it to your friends and followers to ask for a second opinion.

As for businesses, this will be a new way of monetizing from a new platform. There are many brands advertising or showcasing on Instagram, so the new feature will come in hand for them as well.

How does it work?

You go to a brand’s page on Instagram or you see a product you like while scrolling. You go to the product’s page and tap to view more information on it. When you do this action, a “Checkout on Instagram” button will appear and you will be able to see even more options on the product, such as other available colors or sizes.

Once you have chosen the ones that fit you best, you will proceed to a payment method, but without leaving the social network. Before you check out, you will have to fill in details such as name, email, billing information, and shipping address and you are all done. Unless anything changes, this first time is the only compulsory to do this. Information will be securely saved within Instagram.

Once the order is placed, you can find details about it and notifications on shipping and delivery inside Instagram.

There are some well-known businesses that are in the beta program within the US, but more will be available if the program is a success.

How do you think this new feature will improve experiences on Instagram? Will you use it for the brand you work for? 

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