Instagram and IGTV Scheduling Post Available

Even though this is not entirely new news, as Facebook has announced that they would allow third-party partners to schedule posts for Instagram and IGTV. 

Lately, Facebook revealed the possibility of scheduling Instagram and IGTV posts from Facebook Creator Studio. But this is not everything that they have announced. Let’s see the novelties! 

Instagram and IGTV Scheduling Post Available

Watch Party

Facebook’s tool to watch videos together with your friends or followers also has improvements such as the possibility for business pages to schedule a Facebook Watch Party in advance and create hype about it. Replays will allow people that haven’t watched when aired to see the video you have prepared. Also, you will be able from now on to tag business partners in the videos, which opens a new way of collaborating for influencers and brands or for B2B. 

There are also new metrics shown in the Creator Studio: Unique 60s Viewers – meaning people that have watched at least 60 seconds of the Watch party and Minutes Views.

There’s also a Live Commenting Feature available now worldwide that allows hosts to go live during the Watch Party and share their comments and reactions.

Live Video

Continuing with the video journey, Facebook has also announced changes to the way they stream live videos for business pages, not personal profiles.

Video creators can now preview a live video that will be available only to page admins and editors in order to have a broader image of the place they are filming, settings and other details that could make the live video be more attractive for their followers. 

The length of the Live Videos has also doubled, from 4 to 8 hours per stream. 

Creator Studio

The biggest news about the Creator Studio is that it will allow you to schedule Instagram posts and IGTV videos for up to 6 months.

This comes in hand for those that have been using third-party services to do this. Still, Stories scheduling is not available yet, but maybe they will be thinking about it in the future.

There will be a new distribution metric as well, that will tell metrics related to the Page’s historic averages: Retention, 1-minute view and Average Minutes Watched.

Image source: TechCrunch

What do you think of those novelties?

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