Instagram Now Allows Sharing Stories Where You’ve Been Mentioned In

Recently, Instagram has launched an update that allows sharing stories in which you’ve been mentioned in. Weeks after they have introduced the possibility to share a post in a story, they came up with another update.

Let’s see how it works

If a person or a brand mentions you in their story, you will now have the possibility to reshare the post to your own stories feed.
First, you will get a notification that says you’ve been mentioned in a story.

Then, you will be redirected to your Direct Messages tab, to the conversation with the person or brand that have tagged you in their story. You will see there a new button that says “Add This to Your Story”. Once you tap it, it will get you to the Stories tab.

After you have arrived here, you can customize your story, just like the others: add stickers, text, resize, rotate or position it however you wish.

After you have shared it, the name of the person or brand that first posted it will appear within the story. Your followers will be able to tap on it and interact with the content the specific person or brand has posted. Why not, even connect with them.
If your account is a private one, don’t worry. The sharing of the story won’t be available for the person you have tagged in. If your profile is public, the person tagged in the story can share it and their followers can interact with you.
This is another tool that help brands and influencers collaborate throughout the campaigns they are working on. Brands can mention influencers that will then be able to share the story they have been tagged in.
Some brand already started to use the new feature. What about you? Will you use it? Do you think it is useful?
The Instagram new update is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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