Increase Your Click-Through Rate With These Easy Tips

A click-through rate represents the number of times a person clicks on an advertisement in relation to the frequency a particular ad is viewed. It’s especially important to have a high rate if you make money by partnering with advertisers for mutual benefits. Keep reading to get some tips on how to not only make viewers notice advertisements on your website, but respond to them, too.

Incorporate Useful Keywords

People aren’t usually willing to click on ads that are irrelevant. Do some research to find out which keywords are most interesting for your target audience. Also make sure to filter out ones that don’t relate to what the visitors need.
For example, if you’re creating an ad for your gardening blog to promote a post about how to use a motion activated sprinkler to keep critters away, you’d probably want to use filters to avoid making that ad appear to people who are searching for keywords like “motion activated camera.” That’ll provide a good chance of attracting people who have pests in their gardens, rather than those who might be trying to avoid intruders of the human variety.

Use Words That Suggest Urgency

People usually prefer to read content that’s timely, and that’s still true for advertising content. Try to discuss things like limited-time offers or seasonal sales to let people know they need to act now before the opportunity has passed.

Tell Customers What’s in It for Them

If someone is reading an ad from your company and they’re not familiar with what you offer, use descriptive language to outline benefits. If you’re creating an ad for your e-book about how to succeed on social media, you may find it worthwhile to use phrases like “easy to understand content” or “proven strategies,” as long as the claims are true.

Reduce Perceived Risks

Without the benefit of a verifiable reputation, people may hesitate to purchase something from you. Offer things like money-back guarantees, access to a dedicated support line or free shipping. These perks give you the chance to prove worthiness while easing common qualms buyers have. Alternatively, if you’ve been established for a long time, don’t be afraid to promote that accomplishment.

Get Creative With Your Calls to Action

 Asking customers to “buy now” or “purchase here” is better than not having a call-to-action at all, but don’t be afraid to try more creative tactics like appealing to a person’s sentimental side, asking them to get inspired and “imagine the possibilities” or encouraging them to “get advice here” by linking to a live chat that connects someone to an expert. People are now so used to seeing PPC ads that your willingness to daringly cross traditional boundaries could ultimately be what causes people to click rather than just moving on.
Although increasing your click-through rate is not an exact science, you should now have some ideas about how to test new methods and see if they cause your rate to rise. Being successful could make your advertising costs drop but still enable you to grow a target audience

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