How You Can Promote Your Blog with Instagram

Do you enjoy writing? If so, do you keep a blog as a release for your creative impulses? Well, if you do have a blog, then you want people to read it, right? Of course! Even though it is fun to write for yourself, every writer eventually wants to be read and appreciated.
How, then, can you get your blog read? What if Facebook doesn’t work at driving traffic to your blog? And what if you want even more traffic than what Pinterest can bring your way? After all, the more people who read your blog, the more popular it becomes, and the further up on the search engine keyword search page it rises, driving even more traffic to your blog. This, eventually, will help you sell product (books, marketing services, freelance writing services, etc.).
So, what can you use to promote your blog besides Facebook, word of mouth or Pinterest? Instagram of course!

How You Can Promote Your Blog with Instagram

Now, do you just think of Instagram as a social platform for kids, teens, and young adults to play around with pictures and get their pictures noticed by their friends? Well, then, think again. Because Instagram can actually prove to be a valuable marketing tool. Let’s look at a few ways that you can make Instagram work for you:

  • First, visualize your blog. What are you about? Do you blog about writing and a writer’s life? Do you blog about marketing strategies? Do you blog about technical writing? About how to find a good freelance contract? Pinpoint the purpose of your blog so that you can pick appropriate images to attract people to your blog. Here is the example of a picture that a person who blogs to encourage other writers might post on Instagram:


  • An easy way to promote your blog with Instagram is to include a link  on your Instagram description to your blog. This way, if someone likes your pictures on Instagram and wants to find out a little bit more about you, they can look at your profile (bio) and then follow the link to your blog.
  • Now, just like with Facebook or Twitter, you will not attract attention with just any photo. Sure, some of your friends will still like all your Instagram photos. After all, they are your friends. It is just a way that they express their friendship. However, you will not attract new viewers or followers. Nor will you drive traffic to your blog. This article explains that most photos on Instagram, while always reflecting the posters major interest (the way you brand yourself – how you want to be thought of and how you show yourself to the public), fall into either the category of “great beauty” or “humor.” These are the types of photos that get noticed. So, vary the type of photos that you post to advertise yourself, but try to make sure that all your photos are either posted for their beauty (and relevance), or for their relevant humor.
  • To get noticed, also try to not post too many pictures. You want to post enough to get noticed, yes, but just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you might overwhelm your followers. And then they will no longer follower you. Which means you will lose all of your opportunity to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Now, Instagram is full of hashtags. It is a really good idea to use them. Just, don’t go overboard. Use only audience specific hashtags. This means hashtags that correctly categorize your brand – your product. If you include hashtags in your Instagram posts that are relevant to your brand and your target market, you will be able to attract more interest to your Instagram posts and therefor to your blog.

Now, go out and make effective use of Instagram!

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