How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth (Infographic)

The human brain can process the information in a graphic 600,000 times faster than text and retain 80% of what it sees, as compared to only 20% of what it reads and 10% of what it hears. When it comes to content marketing, websites that make use of large images or videos can increase conversions by up to 46%. If you want your content to be shared more often, use visuals that are easily “pulled” by social media like Facebook and Twitter because your content will be shared three times as fast and increase engagement by up to 180%.

How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth (Tips)


  • Optimize your designs for social media sharing.

          A Tweet with visual content gets 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more shares.
Facebook posts with visuals get 180% greater engagement and 87% of the most shared posts include images.

  • Memes are meant to get across a point in an amusing way. If you can make an audience laugh, they’re more likely to remember your message. 
  • Use hashtags. Searchable hashtags are a powerful tool on Twitter and make it more likely that your message will be seen and shared. #Just #don’t #overdo #it. One or two hashtags in a 140-character tweet should be enough. 
  • Many of the most successful blogs make use of infographics to get a message across in a visually appealing way. People are more likely to remember a well-organized infographic than a block of boring black-and-white text. 
  • Make use of Pinterest and Slideshare. These two sites are amazing for sharing content and nailing your SEO content. 
  • lnstagram and Youtube are good too. People stick around longer if they have something interesting to look at, like pictures from Instagram and embedded videos from Youtube. 

If you want to be effective with content marketing, make your content engaging and interesting by creating a good strategy for visual content and social media. Your audience will remember what they see much better than they remember what they read or hear and that means you can make a more lasting impact by making good use of visual content. Read more about how visual content drives social media growth in the infographic below, made by the guys from DCI.
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