How To Use Twitter For Your Business (Infographic)

twitter for your business

Many small and medium sized businesse (SMBs) put themselves a very simple and appropriate question: How to use Twitter for my business? Twitter partnered with a research company (DB5) and surveyed 1100 small and medium sized business owners and employees from U.S. With the results of this survey was created an infographic and was published on Twitter’s blog.


Here is a Resume of How to Use Twitter for Your Business Survey


Twitter as a marketing tool

– 72% agree it is important to have a Twitter presence
– 70% post a tweet at least one at day
– 41% use Twitter to promote their business
– 68% feel Twitter is important to their marketing strategy

Twitter = Simplicity

– 58% have a personal Twitter account
– 9 from 10 people agree that Twitter is an easy tool to use

How can Twitter help

– 73% say it provides a quick way to reply to customer service issues
– 66% say it can replace the need to provide regular updates on their website
– Digitally savvy SMBs use Twitter to drive traffic to outside content

The value of engagement

– 51% see Twitter as a “very important” customer service tool
– 88% tweet directly at customers


– 89% of those who have tried advertising on Twitter said that it was successful
If you want to read the full survey results about how to use Twitter for your business, check out the infographic below and give us a reply with your opinion.

how to use twitter for business