How to Run an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign to Promote your Event

There are a few varied ways you can use to promote your event in Facebook. Promoting your events on Facebook is a popular strategy people use nowadays to attract hordes of people to their events, while at the same time subtly marketing their businesses – even to those not planning to attend. Below are a few tried and tested guidelines that can make your event campaign more fruitful at the same time ensuring that you don’t irk people in the process of getting the word out.

How to Run an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign to Promote your Event


Invite Friends

The first thing you’ll need to do is to invite your Facebook friends to the event. You may ask the other people involved in organizing the event to invite their Facebook friends, too. On the event page that you create, you may post beautiful as well as interesting pictures of the upcoming event and the pictures of the performers or speakers (it is good manners to ask for the permission of the guests and performers before you post their pictures).
If you get the permission of the guests and performers to post their photos on the event page, you can now tag them whenever you update the event page. This will, of course, augment the visibility of the event. In case you have any articles or videos related to the event, post them to the event page and ask people to like and comment on the event page wall.
In your posts or event page updates, include the logos of companies that sponsor the event. Ask the company if they can post a notice on their Facebook business page as well. But if you are able to post on their business page wall, then go ahead- but be sure first that it won’t irk them.
As you go about updating the event page, remember not to post the same information over and over as it annoys some people, and they might block all your posts in the future.

Use Facebook Groups

In case there is a Facebook group whose members are likely to attend your event if they learn about it, you can go to that group page, click the create an event’ tab in the right side column, and wait.
This is an effective strategy for all the people that belong to the group will be able to see the event. Moreover, you can easily invite every person who belongs to that group.
If there is no group that immediately comports with your upcoming event, then you can create one. After creating a group, create the event, and invite the members. Remember to mention somewhere that people can remove themselves from the group if they do not wish to continue receiving invites and notices.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is another surefire way to generate interest for your event. The nicest thing about Facebook ads is that you may narrow your ads to a certain audience. For example, you can aim by age, gender, geographical location, as well as a variety of keywords. Only people who meet the specific criteria will see the ads. Also, you pay only when someone clicks on the ad.
When creating the Facebook ad, you can link it to an external web page, or directly to the Facebook event page. This is to ensure that whoever clicks on the ad is automatically directed to the Facebook event page.
If you can afford it, Facebook ads will surely give you a good bang for your buck.
Try the listed strategies and you’ll be smiling all the way.

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