How To Revamp The Online Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm


The internet has become a major part of our lives since we have all come to rely on it for pretty much everything we do. We shop, socialize, advertise, sell and entertain ourselves using the internet. This makes it a very effective tool for marketing, thanks to its huge market potential. The way of doing marketing has also changed and all professionals from all career fields are able to advertise their services and skills online and actually capture their targeted audience.
Even the learned friends (read lawyers) who always rely on social and professional contacts to bring in the business, have turned to these effective ways of online marketing to grow their law firms. If you have a law firm and need to make a difference in your online marketing strategy, you will need to embrace a couple of factors. Joining social media and putting up a couple of online adverts will not do much; you will need to go a step further to reap impressive results.
Outlined below are some useful strategies that will rejuvenate your online marketing campaign and bring your law firm the much-needed business.


Here are some tips to revamp the online marketing strategy for your law firm


1. Practice SEO Always

SEO will never be outdated, it will change here and there, but it will remain the good old SEO that many online businesses have taken advantage of. Remember SEO is not a one-time thing that you do and forget about. Your web pages will need to be audited now and then and every time you add new content. You will have to spot problems, use the right keywords, the right indexing and the right content. Remember if you are on the front page of any search engine’s page you are likely to get more than 70 percent of traffic to your site. Of course your site visitors are likely to be your targeted audience who will also be your loyal clients. So, be consistent in your good SEO practices and they will pay off.

2. Keep An Updated And Useful Blog

Blogging is also one of the most effective ways to stay relevant in the online market. Let your target audience know all about your law firm and the things you do. The cases you have won and the great work you are doing for your current clients. As you do this, encourage comments and questions from your readers and answer them promptly. More clients are likely to choose you because they can see the special relationship you have with your clients and your level of expertise. They will also choose you because they understand your law firm and its principles since you have taken time to tell them about them on your blog.

3. Make The Best Of Social Media

Social media has great market potential, thanks to its billions of users who are also potential clients. Before launching that massive social media campaign first, come up with your own social media marketing plan. Take your time and evaluate all the social media platforms available and choose the ones that will best put your message across to your target audience. You will also need to come up with the best crafted message that will effectively market your law firm. The messages you put out to your online target audience on social media should depict your overall goals and objectives as a law firm and reflect your law firm in good light. They should also be interesting and informative for them to generate interest. Be consistent in your updates and don’t forget the social media share buttons on your blog and including the social media icons even on your other marketing platforms.

4. Do More Back-linking

It is both a part of SEO and marketing technique of its own. When the keywords and other SEO strategies don’t work because of overuse by other competitors, try back -linking, which never fails as long as your site has met quality standards. Simply find informative and relevant content on other blogs that your target audience will be interested in and link the sites with your own website. Hold online events in conjunction with popular sites and maintain quality content on your own site. Your site will be ranked highly by search engines because you are not only linking to popular sites but your own site is producing quality content which attracts more readers to link back to you. This is a great way of establishing a great online presence.

Do Regular Tracking and Analysis For your Site

How else will you know if your current online marketing plan is working? Marketing without doing any analysis is simply blind marketing. By doing regular analysis on your marketing techniques, you will know what works best for your law firm. You will better understand the kind of audience that you are attracting and come up with more strategies to attract more of them. Google analytics works best when it comes to conducting site analysis.

With the above tips you will successfully revamp the online marketing strategy for your law firm and gain the much-needed business.

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