How to Optimize Your Images to Get More Repins On Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the key social media channels devoted to images and photographs. Users share their interests, their passions, and events in the form of tables which accumulate pins. Companies are also using Pinterest, integrating the channel into their social media strategy.
If you are one of them and you’re wondering about the best way to get more repins on Pinterest for your images, I invite you to take a few minutes to read these lines and the infographic below made by Curalate. Marketers need to learn to market without words.
The lessons are rich and focus on technical and specific images as color optimization elements, saturation, ratio, background etc.. For example, did you know that the “red-orange” pictures get almost twice as many repins as “blue” images?
Studies have shown that images with less than 30% background are repinned the most. Also, those that use many colors have 3.25 times more repins per image than images with a single dominant color. Images with a very good report width – height, like 2:3, are more repinned than the very tall ones (4:5).
Question: what do you think about the results of this study? I look forward to hearing from you. And if Pinterest is not the only social media you’re trying to juggle and you could use some help, one of the solutions I’ve tried and what worked best in my experience was a social posting software, which can help you manage everything on social media much easier.
how to get more repins of your images on pinterest