How To Measure a Social Media Campaign?


Today, the question it’s not to be or not to be on social networks anymore, but how to measure the impact of social media campaigns. In today’s post I will give you some tips that you can use immediately to measure the impact of your social campaign. Assuming that you followed the 5 steps to build your campaign you can now expect the best results for your business.

How to measure a social media campaign?

Some measures, such as the number of subscribers, likes or conversations can be relatively abstract. The idea is to provide other information: brand engagement, traffic to the website from social networks or sales generated through social media. If some measures are still difficult to implement more and more tools to measure the success of social campaign are identified:
ROI (Return on Investment) – the main measure. This can evolve into a concept of Social ROI. The idea is to measure the profitability and contribution of business actions in social media.
– The ROO (Return on Objectives) –  implies a clear definition of objectives.
ROE (Return on Engagement) is to measure the positive impact on the brand image.
– The RONI (No Return on Investment) is to measure the cost generated by the lack of organized strategy on social networks.
The general idea is to analyze how social actions contribute to the operational objectives, which themselves correspond to the final objectives.
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