How to Create a Successful Youtube Channel (Infographic)

Over the years, YouTube has established itself as one of the most popular websites in the world and its popularity is showing no sign of declining anytime soon. With over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube ranks as the most populous video dedicated platform currently in existence.
However, most of the people who view YouTube only use it to view other people’s video. It is not rare to find people who sit down to watch hours of YouTube. They don’t just watch, they also interact with other viewers in the comment section.
Unfortunately, most people who watch other people’s YouTube content are the passengers, not the pilots. Creating your very own YouTube channel could potential turn you from a passenger to a pilot. It makes it possible for other YouTube users to watch your videos. Having a YouTube Channel comes with plenty of benefits for regular folks like me and you. Here are some of them.

Top 4 Benefits From A Successful Youtube Channel



If you have a video on YouTube, then you are most likely moving up the search engines. You have the opportunity to promote your blog on your YouTube channel to drive home more traffic, which ultimately helps with SEO. Also, YouTube video performs much better on search engines than videos from other platforms and blog post.

Money and Fame

While YouTube is an awesome platform to spread your message and promote your blog, your effort on the platform can become very profitable.  Some people have earned several million dollars from their videos on YouTube. YouTube has made several regular folks like you and me celebrities. With YouTube, fame and wealth are just around the corner.

Personal Connection

One thing you may have noticed with video content is it encourages personal connection. YouTube can let you create a much more personal connection with regular folks like you and let them get to know you and see how you react or act in some situations. There is something about viewing a video where you can feel like you are right there with somebody working on solving a problem. It is a different kind of feeling and it creates an intimate connection.

Creative Outlet

YouTube gives us an awesome creative outlet. It lets you do something creative and different that just pictures. You now have the opportunity to get in front of the camera and show what you can do. It allows you to film and edit what you like doing- you can experiment with different things that you can hardly pull off in a blog post.

In Conclusion

If you are in the habit of watching other people’s video very often, then now is the time to create your own YouTube channel.  This is the time to go from being a passenger on YouTube to being a pilot. YouTube affords you the opportunity to upload your videos and potentially get visibility on a large scale.  The revenue and viewership may start small, but if you stick with your channel and vigorously promote it, it may eventually become one of the most watched channels, attracting thousand of viewers and a good stream of income.