How to Become a Social Media Master with Your Blog


The online world is jam packed with blogs. They are pretty great when you think about it… there you are, writing about anything you want, linking to relevant sites and pages, and trying to build an audience who has an interest in what your blog is about. Now, that is a very simplified explanation of the blog and you might only partially agree with it because your blog might also be about making money, getting conversions and sales, building up consumer data, and much more.
One thing to ask yourself is if you are making the blog work harder than you should. After all, if you integrate with social media and networks, you can really get the blog in motion with a lot less effort and outreach.

How to Become a Social Media Master with Your Blog


Start with the Foundation

One of the smartest things you could do would be to elect to use some of the many WordPress templates available as the foundation for your blog. Now, don’t say that there is not a theme with the looks, features, or style you want because that is a truly unrealistic perspective. Major corporations and all kinds of individual bloggers have elected to use these themes to such an extent that around 17% of the web is actually powered by WordPress!
The themes are also optimized, meaning that you can fill in the blanks and publish the site and know that it is between eighty and ninety percent optimized for SEO. So, a tremendous amount of the work is already done, but there is still the social network aspect remaining.

Become a Master

The beauty of working with WordPress is that it is capable of accepting more than 27,000 different plugins, as well as a diversity of widgets. You can use them to do things such as preventing spam in a comments section or adding an easy contact form, but where these really excel is in social networking and media integration.
For example, if you use Twitter to spread the word, you can find a handful of amazing plugins that do everything from tracking your “retweets” to help you see truly hot topics, and take advantage of the information, to a Mashable widget that puts all social  networking news on your blog.
Rather than drafting a complex schedule in which you draft blogs and then try to get different statuses or messages on your social networks, WordPress allows you to integrate everything into a fluid channel. It is up to you to choose the different locations and messages, but you can and should be sure that your blog is fully connected to the world of social media if you want it to succeed.

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