How To Be More Productive On Social Media Nowadays

Do you think that “productivity” is the buzz word for social media in 2015?
I certainly do. As a blogger cum entrepreneur, time is definitely something we don’t have and being productive has become an ultimatum for success. Tell me if you think I’m wrong.
Want to know how to be more productive on social media nowadays? Before we start diving in, let’s start with a quick quote from the one and only, Walt Disney.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

productive in social media

How To Be More Productive On Social Media Nowadays


1. Play your day

Social media productivity is all about planning and you can start one by planning your day. Planning helps you to free more time and put time into good use. Taking myself for example, I use Evernote to jot down things I need to do and accomplish on a daily basis. When I’m on mobile, I use Any. Do to keep track of my to-do list.
I got to admit that there isn’t the best planning strategy out there. You need to figure it out yourself and this can be done simply by putting the most important tasks to do first followed by the rest.
For me, it is my clients and my readers for the case ~ Plain and simple.

2. Have a routine

Routine helps to get your social media productivity level up and real fast. Imagine writing a blog post on a daily basis. What will happen next? You will be able to write more articles in a short time period.
The same concept goes to social media. Routine helps you to be more organized and you don’t waste time with the “I wonder what to do next” type of scenario.
Here’s an example of my daily routine for social media:

  • Top of the list – Facebook (engagement/replies) followed by Twitter DM’s (direct message).
  • Throughout the day – Schedule posts using social media tools like Buffer
  • Before I call it a day – Engage with followers and perform some social listening


3. Social media tools

I heard this a dozen times, “social media tools are expensive”. Let’s kill the myth first by saying that there are tools that doesn’t cost you a dime. Hootsuite, Buffer, Post Planner, Tweepi and to name a few. There are free and paid plans you can use.
Secondly, paying for social media tools isn’t a necessity but it certainly helps you to be more productive throughout the day. Imagine this; using Buffer, you can easily schedule posts across various social media platforms at anytime you want. If you want go on automation, use Hootsuite (Pro plan) for autoschedule feature.
Do you need to be right in front of your computer at 3 in the morning just to reach out to your followers halfway across the globe? Certainly no!
Social media tools are there for a reason and for me, it is to speed up (and increase) your productivity level. Use them wisely and they will become your biggest arsenal in social media marketing.

4. Know your audience

Do I share posts on social media (Facebook for example) every single hour? No. I share them at the right time to reach the maximum audience reach.
Sure, it does takes a little analytics but the results are awesome. Higher engagement rate and larger post visibility are no-brainers to say the least.
If you are looking for a free/premium tool, try out Simply Measured. For starters, the data may be a little more than what you are expecting but trust me, the stats are marvelous. You simply can’t go wrong with it.

5. Measure success on social media

Do you actually measure success on social media? How can this helps you to be more productive?
The answer is simple. I rather share one post that reach 1,000 reach and a few hundred engagements instead of 10 posts that reach a mere 100 reach and zero engagement.
That, my friend – is productivity on social media.
Craving the best words on social media isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, start measuring your success and determine the best time to post (for starters) and double/ triple your social media productivity.
Remember: Every action done without results is just a waste of time!


Call ‘productivity on social media’ a buzz word if you want. At the end of the day, it is all about results and ROI. Are you ready to be more productive on social media nowadays?
Share with me one of your best productivity tip you use in your everyday social media life!
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