How Social Media is Being Used in Education

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Nowadays, the younger generation is growing up in a world that is moving at a very fast. If any educational institute refuses to acknowledge this fact, they won’t be able to do justice with the students when it comes to education. Involving social media in education has become an amazing outlet for teachers and students alike to increase interest and engagement when it comes to education. It not only makes the process of learning fun but also saves a lot of time providing all the information on a single platform, the World Wide Web.

How Social Media is Being Used in Education


Utilizing Social Media for Podcasting

Podcasts are a new medium for professors and students alike. Podcasts can help teachers deliver their message to the students without having the need to conduct a specific class to convey a specific task related message or instruction. Students can easily listen to the lectures of their teachers, create their own messages and share the lectures with other classmates with the help of podcasts.

Building Connection between Teachers And Students With The Help Of Twitter

There has always been an undefined obstacle between a student and his teacher, which creates a gap in communication. However, this hurdle is now being smashed apart thanks to Twitter. Teachers can now answer the questions of their students and post revisions of their lessons. They can remind the students that they are also human beings who sleep, enjoy chocolates and binge watch on Grey’s Anatomy, creating a deeper bond within the students and closing the gap down.

Sharing Online Presentations with the Help of Social Channels

Social channels like SlideShare, Webspace and Slidecast allow students to create their own presentations. Students can now share their projects online, take feedback from classmates and share the ideas in return. Moreover, teachers can also share their slide related material on these channels so that students do not have to run around searching for resources.

Utilizing Blogs as Social Media Outlets

Most of the schools are now investing in creating individual blogs for each class where the rights of administration are given to the lecturer, and the rights of authorship are given to students. This allows the students to write different papers and assignments and have them published online for further credibility and publicity.
Moreover, if a special reward is provided to a student with amazing piece of written work, it will end up instilling a sense of pride and achievement within the student, motivating him to perform much better than normal.

Utilizing Social Media Calendars as Organizing Tools

With the organizational tools such as Google Calendar available on social media channels, it becomes quite easy to share various events and assignment deadlines with the students and teachers alike. Not only so, but calendars are also helpful in defining daily assignments, tests and quizzes.

Providing Video Lessons through Social Media

When a teacher drones and drawls throughout the lecture period without utilizing any creative means to grab a student’s interest, things can be quite troublesome at both ends. However, if a teacher utilizes presentations and videos, he will manage to grab attention of every student and will no longer have to be sad about the students sleeping in his class.
Moreover, when a teacher provides video lessons through social media to his students, he provides the students with an opportunity to learn better at home as students could watch the video at home while completing their assignments.
Last but not the least, teachers and students can close the gap of communication and increase collaborative learning with the help of social media sites like Facebook, where they could easily connect with their students and access two-sided help and guidance to make their subject and learning experience a breeze.
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