How Social Bookmarking Sites Can Benefit Your Marketing Campaign

Did you ever end up texting a friend, a website link which you thought would be of use to him? Or, did you end up texting the link to yourself in your email account or a messenger for example, in Facebook messenger? Be it a link to an interesting article you read, a blog post which you found relevant to both of you, a job opening that meets the requirements or a website URL which you want to follow or the link of a YouTube video say Sia Cheap Thrills; you would love to listen again and again. If you did, then you’re social bookmarking.

What exactly is Social Bookmarking?

The process of saving the links to web pages or online information on the pages to use them in the future as a reference or for some other authentic so that you can restore them whenever you want is called social bookmarking. Instead of favoriting the web pages to your browser, bookmarking makes the procedure easy when done through a social bookmarking site. Many social bookmarking sites are emerging in the contemporary world through which you can access many secured sites and pages irrespective of time and place just with an active internet connection.

How can social bookmarking benefit you?

Though there is the default bookmarking option where you can bookmark a site or a page when you find it informative and relevant; there are high chances for the bookmarks to be demolished when the computer gets formatted due to unavoidable situations or worse crashed. Sometimes, we bookmark the most important things like “Biblical References” for our final thesis and suddenly our laptop has been shut down. Imagine the pain of surfing all over again and good luck finding the data that is lost. This is why you need a social bookmarking site so that you can secure all your beloved data in a place.
With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, social media marketing has totally changed. Now, you can send product promotion messages based on the location of a person. I have recently covered this new way of connected social media marketing in my blog post.

How does it benefit your marketing campaign and business?

Social bookmarking sites help in sharing the information among your circle of friends and family. Through this, you can:

  1. Draw visitors: By listing your interest and thoughts about the business in social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Stumble Upon etc.; you can drive visitors especially when you’ve shared a viral content. As your website appears in the newsfeed of topics people are interested in, they automatically end up visiting your website.
  2. Attracts Traffic: By adding these buttons to your website, you can also have the users like, share and comment on a particular blog post which appears on their social networking platforms and therefore leading to increasing the traffic.
  3. Enhances Promotion: There are chances of you getting tagged in other websites if you’re on social bookmarking sites. In some cases, you can also be marked in rest of the prominent bookmarking sites. This indirectly works the same as backlinking and therefore is an excellent way to promote your site.
  4. Might help you show up on Search Engines: If your website is on a bookmarking site, the search engine might sometimes list the results from there which create an opportunity of being listed in the SERPs a bit more than before. Social Bookmarking also helps in connecting with other businesses that share the same interest as you.
  5. Acts as an SEO tool: Social bookmarking despite being an off page element helps in attracting the traffic along with the building of quality links which helps in improving your Google rank altogether. This is why we see many SEO professionals use social bookmarking as a significant element in a marketing campaign.

Small businesses can benefit themselves from social bookmarking by the following ways.
Now that you’ve known the benefits of social bookmarking, some efficient bookmarking sites are: Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Reddit Start bookmarking wisely and elevate your site with a new dimension of marketing.
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