How Quickly Do Consumers Expect A Brand To Respond On Facebook vs Twitter vs. Email? (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you are a Brand and you are on several Social Media channels, is clearly that you want to have a positive impact on your customers. Social Media can help you with a great customer service experience, if you do it well.

Why do companies with great Customer Services succeeded? This is a question that the guys from KISSMetrics tried to answer with an interesting infographic about the impact customer service has on a businesse and how consumers  have different expectations for the most important social media platforms like: Facebook and Twitter vs. email and online forums.


Some of the interesting facts are:


– 79% of those complained about poor customer services had their complained ignored.

– $338 billion a year is the estimated cost of bad customer service of the worldwide brands.

– 78% of customers have abandoned a transaction due to poor customer service.

For more facts about how quickly do consumers expect a brand to respond on the social media channels and not only, please have a look on the infographic below: