How many of my Twitter followers are fake?

Twitter is littered with fake followers that follow anyone and Tweet spam out. It’ likely you would have been followed by a spammer in the past or you’re been followed by one now.
The more Twitter followers you have the higher the likely hood spammers will follow you for example Barack Obama has 53% fake followers while Lady GaGa has 43%. My Twitter profile has about a 25% fake followers which I think is alright based on my Twitter following.

Why Remove Fake Followers?

It isn’t the end of the world having fake Twitter followers but you’ll only benefit from real Tweeters the fake followers are a waste of space your business can’t make money from something that isn’t there. If your business is using Twitter followers as a goal you may want to consider otherwise as fake followers will be contributing to your goal.

How many of my Twitter followers are fake?

You can use SocialBakers fake followers app which tells gives you a percentage of how many of your Twitter followers are fake, inactive and active.
Fake Followers App

How can I remove these fake followers?

It’s pretty simple, once you’ve used the fake followers app scroll down and you’ll discover your fake followers list. To remove them all click the “Block All” button, depending on how many fake followers you have it can take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. Socialbakers will email you once they’ve removed them all.
Fake Followers

How many of your Twitter followers are fake?